Dockside Divisional Winners Presentation

All divisional winners were presented with their battle flags at a dockside ceremony today

Sydney 38: Zen Gordon Ketelbey

Clipper 70: Derry Londonderry Doire, Sean McCarter

PHS Division 2: She, Peter Rodgers

PHS Division 1: Spirit of Mateship, RSL Queensland, Skippered by Russell McCart

ORCi Division 3: Wild Rose, Roger Hickman

ORCi Division 2: Chutzpah, Bruce Taylor

ORCi Division 1: Victoire, Darryl Hodgkinson

IRC Division 4: Wild Rose, Roger Hickman

IRC Division 3: Brannew, Chris Bran

IRC Division 2: Veloce, Phil Simpfendorfer

IRC Division 1: Varuna, Jens Kellinghausen

IRC Division 0 and Overall Winner: Victoire, Darryl Hodgkinson