Broken boom fails to stop Kialoa II

Broken boom fails to stop Kialoa II
Broken boom on Kialoa II

At 1730hrs on Wednesday Kialoa II gybed in 30kts of northerly breeze and 2 metre seas. As the main came over the boom snapped just aft of the vang. The broken boom was strapped to the stanchions and the boat secured before the storm trysail was hoisted, allowing Kialoa II to continue.

At 2030 Kialoa is sitting on 9-10kts of boat speed in 25 knots of NNE wind with the genoa, trysail and mizzen set. "Disappointing" commented Paddy. "We can still carry plenty of sail so we will keep pushing on towards Hobart. I'm pleased that no-one was hurt, and very happy with the calm way the crew dealt with the situation."

In the midst of the action Grunter (Grant Chessels) managed to cook and serve a roast pork dinner with baked potatoes, pumpkin, peas, carrots, gravy and apple sauce with Yorkshire puddings, racking up the points for "Best on Boat".