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Old Pulteney

Category Placing
IRC 60
IRC - Div 1 9
Clipper 70 3
Clipper 70 - Div 1 3
Line Honours 40
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Patrick van der Zijden is the 43 year-old Portugal-based skipper of Old Pulteney, and like other skippers in the race, is specially selected by Clipper Ventures for the job. He has been sailing since he was a child, having grown up on the lakes of Holland.

This boat’s crew is a truly international one, with crew from Peru, Switzerland, Brazil, Hungary, Holland, Canada, the US and Italy. It includes Welsh retiree, Peter Thomas (63), who is ready for another challenge after raising his son from infancy. British/Egyptian doctor, Fahad Khater (39) and 52-year-old nurse, Cindy Masaro, both of whom travel on annual Guatemalan expeditions, show the diversity of amateurs crewing in the race.  

Old Pulteney is sponsored by a Scottish whisky. It has a hint of the sea in its taste from its windswept location which was the centre of an international herring boom


Competitor Details

Name Old Pulteney
Sail Number GBR729X
Owner Clipper Ventures
Skipper Patrick Van Der Zijden
Crew K Hepworth, R Ham, C Slater, D Hartman, K Postma, S Bonus, P Thomas, T Bacso, P Bartlett, C Peat, J Yuen, C Masaro, S Clegg, S Murray,
State Great Britain
Type Clipper 70
Designer Tony Castro
Builder Mazarin Shipyard
LOA 21.33