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Category Placing
IRC 67
IRC - Div 1 14
Corinthian 25
Line Honours 83
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In March 2013, Tony Walton and Alan Breidahl purchased the boat known in the past as Hardys Secret Mens Business 2 and Shamrock. Coinciding with its re-launch anniversary, they retitled it Hartbreaker; a nod to the boat’s builder, Hart Marine, and because it was badly damaged at the start of Hamilton Island in 2007, then fell off a truck on the way to be repaired. The name also denotes Walton’s career as a cardiologist. As Shamrock, the boat won line honours, IRC and PHS in the 2008 Melbourne Hobart race, later retiring from the 2010 Sydney Hobart with rudder damage. Walton and Breidahl have changed the boat’s fortunes, finishing every race they entered, including 41st overall in the 2015 Sydney Hobart, 66th overall the previous year and 49th overall in 2013.


Competitor Details

Name Hartbreaker
Sail Number B330
Owner Antony Walton & Alan Breidahl
Skipper Antony Walton (2)
Sailing Master Charles Stott (3)
Navigator Louis Irving (2)
Crew Y A Janssens, J Rankin (2), G Buchan (2), M Korte, S DePoi, P King (2), S Harris, K Dixon
State VIC
Type Reichel Pugh 46
Designer Reichel Pugh
Builder Hart Marine
Construction Carbon
LOA 14.2
Beam 3.6
Draft 3.3