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Mick Martin's three year search for a slick offshore TP52 came to fruition earlier this year with the purchase of the former Strewth, previously owned by Geoff Hill. Having looked at other TP52s in Australia and being gazumped on V5 in New Zealand, the deal for the newly named Frantic was too sweet.  "A mate pulled me into the Strewth deal. We observed it getting some bulkhead and reinforcing work done at Noakes. While it's a bit heavier than the other TP52s, it means the boat will still be going when the weather gets foul," explained Martin, who
played with the Wallabies in the early 80's.

The reason for the upgrade from his Sayer 40, LMR Solar/Frantic, was a purely personal one. "I felt the need for more adventure, downhill speed and a bigger work pit," Martin said laughing. "Plus I don't want to be on my deathbed saying I was going to buy one and never made the purchase!"

Martin raced Franticin the 2012 Audi Sydney Gold Coast Yacht Race, but she was forced to retire with a broken boom. "I'm looking forward to seeing all the other TP52s and Cooksons coming out to play for the Hobart," Martin said.



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Yacht Name Frantic