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Komatsu Azzurro

Komatsu Azzurro


This small crew of six have notched up over 100 Hobarts. In last year’s race, they sailed Komatsu Azzurro, ‘the ‘little boat that could’, to 13th overall for second in Division 4; won ORCi Division 4 and was  third in the Corinthian Division in downhill conditions not suited to the S&S 34. The year before, almost snatched Sydney Hobart victory from Balance, but lack of breeze on rounding Tasman Island pushed them back to third overall (just six minutes shy of second place), second in Division 4, first in ORCi and Corinthian divisions. Kearns’ first Hobart with her was 2014, with a 33rd overall finish. Retired from the Cabbage Tree Island Race in November after a dust up off the start with the sizeable Eve left her with badly bent stanchions.

They won the 2015 and 2017 Land Rover Sydney Gold Coast races and won Division 4 in 2016. This little miracle rocket, formerly known as Shenandoah II, was found by Kearns near sinking in 2014. Buying her cheaply on his credit card, restored her, adding a Code Zero and a new staysail. The boat was built for Ron White, a past SYC commodore who won Division H of the 50th Hobart (boat was renamed Commonwealth Bank Shenandoah II), with a faster finishing time than the winners of Divisions F and G.


Competitor Details

Yacht Name Komatsu Azzurro
Sail Number 3430
Owner Shane Kearns
Skipper Shane Kearns (13)
Sailing Master James Nixon (23)
Navigator Alex Seja (15)
Crew F Nelson (22), D McRae (16), A Sims (3)
State NSW
Type S & S 34
Designer Sparkman Stephens
Builder Swarbrick Bros
Construction GRP
LOA 10.1
Beam 3.1
Draft 1.9