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This Farr 50 has a long and successful history. Was originally ‘Will’ and owned by Japanese yachtsman Ryoji Oda. Syd Fischer spied it at the Kenwood Cup, purchased it and chartered it overseas, before bringing the latest ‘Ragamuffin’ home in 1992. Celebrating his 25th Hobart (with a gun crew, including Farr’s Geoff Stagg), by winning the race under IOR (in conjunction with an IMS overall winner) from 110 entries. He retired in 1993, and rebuilt the yacht he took to 21st overall in a fleet of 371 for the 50th anniversary race. Then Fischer totally rebuilt the boat, and finished the 1995 race seventh overall. He kept campaigning it up to and including the 2006 Hobart, with best results of: second, third, fourth, fifth, third, from 1997 to 2001. He also contested the 1991 and 1993 Admiral’s Cups with it, finishing top point scorer in 1993 when Australia lost the Cup by one quarter of a point to Germany. 

Emir Ruzdic recently made what could be a great buy, although the boat has been sitting on the hardstand at Sydney City Marine for a few years. Ruzdic sailed the 2013 Rolex Sydney Hobart with Adrian Dunphy on the TP52, Dodo, and now he returns the favour, as Dunphy is aboard to help steer his friend in the right direction.


Competitor Details

Yacht Name SailDNA
Sail Number AUS70
Owner Emir Ruzdic
Skipper Emir Ruzdic & Adrian Dunphy (13)
Navigator Tim MacGillivray (10)
Crew A Hathersley, C Gardener, D Brennan (15), E Borberg (1), J Stariwat (1), N Maitland (1), P Bremner (16), R Walton (20), S Alle (10), T Middleton (5)
State NSW
Club SFS
Type Farr 50
Designer Bruce Farr