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Lexi makes her debut in this race, with father, Peter Cush (Skipper), and son Ryan Cush (Owner). Commemoration Sydney Hobarts have the effect of reuniting some crews, and that is the case here. Cush’s father, Peter, did the 1983, 1986 and 1991 races with his Holland 30, Knuckleduster. Good mates, Phil Adams and Peter Finnegan joined him.  Then in 1994, the 50th race, Peter sailed for Finnegan on Gypsy. Ryan says, “Twenty-five years later, the old man is getting the band back together for the 75th Hobart with Phil, Peter and another life-long mate, Jim Bennett coming along. I was seven years old the last time I watched Dad set off for Hobart, and having the chance to sail with him this time on Lexi is a bucket list item ticked off.” Father and son has sailed together before, in the Etchells class with Jonathan Harris, including the 2018 Worlds and 2019 Australasian Championship, which has the effect of refining ones skills.


Competitor Details

Yacht Name Lexi
Sail Number 7234
Owner Ryan Cush
State NSW
Club CSC
Type X-412 Modern