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Winston / Aspen1

Winston / Aspen1


This yacht started life as a Volvo 60, but down the track was lengthened somewhat to a Sled 78. It was Winston owned by Dennis Conner and raced in the 1993/94 Whitbread Race. Was later bought by Roger McKenzie, a blind sailor, and renamed Volkswagen Sailability. He contested the 50th Sydney Hobart in 1994 with a mainly disabled crew and finished 38th under PHS. The boat then became a training boat for the 1997/1998 Whitbread for the Innovation Kvaerner campaign. Fast forward to 2004, and she turned up as Aspen 1 for the Sydney Hobart, having been given the treatment, with a 2-metre fixed bowsprit and a big rear sugar scoop; her overall length from stem to tuck increased by 4.5 metres

Wayne Dixon bought the boat at the end of September 2020. “It was my 60th birthday present to myself. I was told by friends I had to put a bucket list together for my 60th, such as: buy a fast car, buy a Harley, buy a race horse, and buy a yacht, so I bought a fast, racing yacht. I searched on Google: ‘What’s the fastest racing yacht in the world’ and “ a VOR 60 article came up. Then I searched; ‘VOR60’s for sale, and Winston came up. She seemed perfect; one foot for every year of my age! She was sitting on a mooring in need of a lot of love and care.” Dixon will be pushing to make the start line as he waits for parts to arrive from France.


Competitor Details

Yacht Name Winston / Aspen1
Sail Number 76
Owner Wayne Dixon
State NSW
Type Sled 78