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Southern Cross Cup

History of The Southern Cross Cup

  • ImageJoint Venture - 1985 SHYR - CYCA Archives
  • ImageExador (KZ323) - David Colfelt CYCA Archive
  • ImageBumblebee 5 (AUS7441) - 2000 SHYR - Photo Ian Mainsbridge - CYCA Archives

Cruising Yacht Club of Australia originally introduced the Southern Cross Cup, a series of races out of Sydney and including the Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, back in 1967 after an Australian team first won the famous Admiral's Cup in England.

Over the years, the Southern Cross Cup enjoyed international status, attracting teams from many overseas countries to compete in regatta racing off the New South Wales coast as an exciting prelude to the long ocean race to Tasmania.  The final race was the 628 nautical mile Sydney Hobart Yacht Race. 

The Southern Cross Cup was last conducted in 2001, before being re-introduced to the 2013 and 2014 sailing programs.

The re-introduced Southern Cross Cup series in 2013 and 2014 consisted of four races: the CYCA BWPS Bird Island Race, the two CYCA Trophy Series races and the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.  Three boats represented each team with Clubs, States or Nations invited to enter multiple teams.

CYCA has plans to conduct the Southern Cross Cup in anniversary years of the Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race.

Past winners:

2014 - CYCA Gold (St George Midnight Rambler, Celestial, Balance)
2013 - CYCA White (Wild Rose, Victoire, Patrice)
2001 - NSW (Ragamuffin, Sting, Loki)
1999 - Australia (Bumblebee V, Ausmaid, Atara)
1997 - China (Beau Geste, Exile, Hi-Fidelity)
1995 - Australia (Ragamuffin, Sycorax, AMP Wild Oats)
1993 - NSW B (Solbourne Wild Oats, Micropay Cuckoo's Nest)
1991 - Ireland (Atara, Beyond Thunderdome, Extension)
1989 - United Kingdom (Canon Express, Heaven Can Wait, Juno IV)
1987 - Australia (Madeline's Daughter, Sagacious, Joint Venture)
1985 - United Kingdom (Panda, Cifraline III, Highland Fling)
1983 - New Zealand (Pacific Sundance, Geronimo, Exador)
1981 - NSW (Szechwan, Smuggler, Beach Inspector)
1979 - NSW (Deception, Diamond Cutter, Relentless)
1977 - New Zealand (Jenny H, Smirnoffagen, Swuzzle Bubble)
1975 - New Zealand (Prospect of Ponsonby, Quicksilver, Tempo)
1973 - United Kingdom (Prospect of Whitby, Superstar, Quailo III)
1971 - New Zealand (Pathfinder, Runaway, Wai Aniwa)
1969 - NSW (Boambillee, Mercedes III, Ragamuffin)
1967 - NSW (Calliope, Mercedes III, Moonbird)