Tracker Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find a yacht in the fleet ?

Click (or tap for tablets and smartphones) the eye icon beside the name of the yacht.  You will see a green tracking line which represents the yacht's route from the start.

How can I choose favourites ?

Click (or tap for tables and smartphones) the heart icon beside the name of the yacht.  Your list of favourites can then be found in the drop down selection which is found at the top line of the fleet selection.

I want to compare the routes of multiple boats

Choose the boats as favourites, then go to favourites (in the drop down box) and press Toggle Track.  

Can I choose a particular race time?

Yes.  Under the bar "Race Time" select the day, hour and minute (in 10 minute increments) and press "Show Earlier Time".  That will then show the position of each boat as at that time.  To revert to current race time for the current year press "Show Latest Time".

I only want to look at boats within one category or division

Choose the handicap category you want (IRC, ORCi, PHS, Corinthian), then choose the division you want (or "All" if you want to see all the boats in the category).  The map will automatically populate with those boats competing in the category and division you have selected.

How can I view previous races?

Select the race year in the drop down selection in the "Race Time" bar in the left hand column of the Tracker window.  From there the other controls work as usual.  If you want to view a boat's entire race, select a race time later than its finishing time in the drop down selection under the race year, and press "Show Earlier Time".  You can also use the Favourites functionality to compare the track of multiple boats, as explained above.

What's the rhumb line ?

The rhumb line is the most direct course between the start line in Sydney Harbour and the finish line in Hobart.

Why are there two Comanche's shown on the Tracker map ?

The orange coloured sail represents the position of the race record holder (Comanche) at the same timepoint in 2017, when it set the record.

I don’t know what the different coloured sails represent

Go to the Legend bar under the Fleet and Race Time bars.