Media Releases

Media Releases

Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2022

30/04/2022  Two-handed entrants eligible for major CYCA perpetual trophies

09/06/2022  Entries open for 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart

12/10/2022  More than 100 yachts entered for 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart

29/10/2022  120 boats locked in for 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart

23/11/2022  International fleet set for 2022 Rolex Sydney Hobart


Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2021

21/12/2021   Two-handed magic set to ignite high sea drama

21/12/2021   Opportunity may well be knocking for small boats

20/12/2021   Long range forecast tips for tactical contest

20/12/2021   Solera's 'chef' ready to take on Rolex Sydney Hobart

16/12/2021   Virtual Regatta returns

15/12/2021   Father and son team up for two-handed debut

24/11/2021   Diverse fleet set to make waves in 2021 Rolex Sydney Hobart

29/10/2021   112 boats entered for 2021 race


Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2018

26/10/2017   Ninety two yachts entered for 2018

26/9/2018    100 days to go!

27/5/2018    History to be made in 2018 Roles Sydney Hobart Yacht Race


Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2017

31/12/2017     Free at sea

30/12/2017     Father and daughter's special bond and a whale of a time

30/12/2017     Ten left at sea - all due in for New Year

29/12/2017     Paddy Broughton describes the race on Kialoa II

29/12/2017     Wendy Tuck wins Clipper Race fleet

29/12/2017     Ichi Ban is Number One at last

29/12/2017     It's confirmed - Matt Allen wins Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2017

28/12/2107     LDV Comanche secures line honours and the race record

28/12/2017     Seven home - five inside record time

28/12/2017     The Agony and the Ecstasy

27/12/2017     LDV Comanche docks in Hobart

27/12/2017     Wild Oats XI first across the line in battle on Derwent

26/12/2017     Black Jack makes most of cards she was dealt

25/12/2017     What you need to know about the 2017 Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

23/12/2017     Who will win the Tattersall Cup?


Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2016

31/12/2016      The ‘noiseless tenor’ of those who finish the Rolex Sydney Hobart

30/12/2016      Landfall last boat home

30/12/2016      Mad Dogs and Englishmen

30/12/2016      Adrienne Cahalan on history making 25th Hobart

30/12/2016      Joe Mele’s quest for a Rolex

30/12/2016      Four left at sea in fastest Rolex Sydney Hobart in memory 

29/12/2016      Tony Cable sails into record with number 51

29/12/2016      Was the Rolex Sydney Hobart worth It?

29/12/2016      Giacomo: A matter of meticulous planning and execution for Rolex Sydney Hobart win

29/12/2016      Another Dose of Rolex Sydney Hobart for Chutzpah

29/12/2016      Everyone has a story to tell

29/12/2016      Adrienne Cahalan - another one done

29/12/2016      A race to the doldrums

28/12/2016      No more carbon coffins for me

28/12/2016      You’d think they’d won the 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart 

28/12/2016      Finally CQS crosses Rolex Sydney Hobart finish line

28/12/2016      Sulky Derwent can’t dampen a great 2016 Rolex Sydney Hobart

28/12/2016      The Agony of a Rolex Sydney Hobart

28/12/2016      Giacomo beats Scallywag to second on line in Rolex Sydney Hobart

27/12/2016      Act 1 builds to a climax in Rolex Sydney Hobart

27/12/2016      Will this be the year of the V70's

27/12/2016      Wild Oats leads – multiple boats ahead of record

26/12/2016      Glorious start to 72nd epic

26/12/2016      Perpetual Loyal leads fleet to Hobart

26/12/2016      Last minute checks – then they’re away 

26/12/2016      Fleet now at 88

24/12/2016      Family ties in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

24/12/2016      Southerly still the big question

23/12/2016      Another TP52 year? 

23/12/2016      Different strokes for different folks

22/12/2016      Looks like quick race this year

21/12/2016      Tilse goes back-to-back in Harken Grinder Challenge

20/12/2016      That Viking spirit brings Swedes to Sydney

19/12/2016      Remembering Roger Hickman

18/12/2016      Another record for Adrienne Cahalan

17/12/2016      Proud dad enjoys son’s record

17/12/2016      Maaate – have I got a tip for you

15/12/2016      Internationals long range racing

15/12/2016      ‘Taylor Made’ for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

08/12/2016      Fidelis returns to Rolex Sydney Hobart 50 years on from line honours victory

05/12/2016      JANUS et Cie sets the scene at Sydney Race Village

30/11/2016      Eclectic fleet for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

31/10/2016      Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race: Entries close with 100 yachts

20/10/2016      Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race entry closes in eight days 

12/09/2016      Entries reach 50 for Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

13/07/2016      Internationals among early Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race entries

20/06/2016      Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Notice of Race available in Mandrian

02/06/2016      Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race entries open

Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2015 

01/12/2015      Sydney yacht racing to reach Rolex Sydney Hobart start line

10/11/2015      Comanche sheds bodyweight to win the Rolex Sydney Hobart

02/09/2015      China’s debut in Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race

27/08/2015      Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race entries open

Media Releases - Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2014 

21/12/2014      Rolex Sydney Hobart: Salt Water Therapy

21/12/2014      Parade of Sail for 70th Sydney Hobart

20/12/2014      International Boats in town

20/12/2014      Waypoints of the Rolex Sydney Hobart

20/12/2014      Rolex Sydney Hobart Title Defence

20/12/2014      Rob and Scarlet's Big Adventure before Rolex Sydney Hobart

19/12/2014      Rolex Sydney Hobart: Getting the right Balance

18/12/2014      Tassie tug-of-war for Rolex Sydney Hobart prize

17/12/2014      Oldies return for Rolex Sydney Hobart

16/12/2014      Ed’s One Last Midnight Ramble in Rolex Sydney Hobart

02/12/2014      Syd Fischer launches his ‘surfboard’ ahead of Rolex Sydney Hobart

28/11/2014      Sydney Hobart Yacht Race Historical Photographic Exhibition

25/11/2014      A new deal for Corinthians in 70th edition

23/11/2014      Wounded Mates to face Strait in epic Rolex Sydney Hobart challenge

15/11/2014      Parade of Sail to set 70th Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race in motion

03/11/2014      Entries close with 119 for 2014 Rolex Sydney Hobart

23/10/2014      Luna Sea denotes 100 entries for Rolex Sydney Hobart

20/10/2014      New super maxis gear up for Rolex Sydney Hobart

08/10/2014      Wilparina 80th entry for Rolex Sydney Hobart

01/10/2014      New Ragamuffin hull arrives

22/09/2014      RIO makes it 70 for 70th race edition

01/09/2014      50 entries and counting for Rolex Sydney Hobart

14/05/2014      70th Anniversary entries open as Corinthian division announced